Novabraid Electric Fence
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NOVABRAID ELECTRIC FENCE was originally designed by Novatec Braids Ltd. for its inventor Eric White. He wanted a fence that would be less damaging to entangled animals and far less time consuming to maintain. Braided rope manufacturer, Novatec delivered performance by design with its overlapping copper helix conductor and polyester braid. Several new features including coated copper conductors and heavy-duty interlocking reels have made our Novabraid fence even more durable and easy to install. Novabraid fence offers both a physical barrier and psychological barrier for animal control. The high strength, abrasion-resistant, 1300 lb. tensile polyester braid will maintain tension over very long periods with minimal maintenance. The highly conductive copper helix creates an electrical field sensed by animals and will deliver a correctional shock as needed when contacted. Novabraid fence is available in 1/4” diameter identified by its green tracer in each twisted cover strand.

Less installation time. Half the cost or less. The Novabraid Electric Fence can be installed in half the time because posts are only required to be spaced at 50 feet apart, according to the rises and dips of the land. This makes it a very affordable fence. Also, you will use 1/5 of the posts used in conventional fence.

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