Dyne-O-Might Pail
Dyne-O-Might Pail Dyne-O-Might Pail
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Dyne-O-Might is a cleaner-disinfectant and ammonia neutralizer made up of a unique patented blend of acids and iodine. The oxidizing and pH reducing effect of the acids help to permeate and break down cells walls. This provides a proven germicidal ability against pathogens such as E. Coli Clostridium and Salmonella in the presence of 50% organic material. Additionally, Dyne-O-Might is used for ammonia control in poultry facilities. Formulated with feed-grade ingredients, it is safe for use in all areas of the animal agriculture facility including: nurseries, farrowing, breeding and gestation rooms, poultry litter, and foot baths.

Active: Iodine

Use: Poultry farms, cattle barns, ratite facilities, swine facilities, dairy facilities, foot baths, Zoos

Application: Mechanical coarse sprayer, boot baths