Tru-Test WaterPro™2 Automatic Livestock Waterer
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Tru-Test, has been designing and manufacturing reliable, accurate weighing systems for over 30 years. During that time, they’ve realized that focusing on making your everyday tasks as easy and effortless as possible, is just as important as their hi-tech livestock management systems.

Tru-Test Livestock Waterers, have been designed to deliver a fresh water supply for your livestock, all year round.

Animal health and performance is important, along with the best possible management of your valuable resources, like water.


Product size: 39.2” x 22.1” x 28.75”
Product weight: 87 lbs
Drinking height: 21.65”
Maximum capacity: 27 L / 7 Gal
Herd capacity: 75 beef / 75 horses
Tank material: Linear low-density polyethylene, long term UV-8 stabilized
Valve performance: Up to 150 PSI


  • Easy to access, clean and maintain
  • Superior quality valves up to 150 PSI
  • 1/2” braided stainless steel flex line
  • Large stainless steel eyebolt fasteners enabling tool-free accesS
  • Built-in, easily accessible water cut off switch
  • Drain plugs can be used to seal off one side
  • 8 year hassle-free warranty

Item# 650101