Acid-A-Foam EVO
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Acid-A-Foam EVO

A phosphate-free, acidic foaming cleaner, Acid-A-Foam EVO is used as an alternative to regular hatchery, equipment or barn cleaners to remove detergent residues, mineral scale and other hard- to-remove elements. A clean surface is required for complete disinfection. Alternating between a good alkaline detergent and a good acid-based detergent maximizes surface cleanliness and, therefore, prepares the surface for the second step of disinfection. Acid-A-Foam EVO removes dirt, grime, protein, and oils as well as minerals and adherent films.

Active: Glycolic Acid

Use: Acidic foaming cleaner for hatchery or farm use

Activity: General cleaner, deodorizer, and effectively removes hard water scale and mineral deposits

Application: Foamed, sprayed with pressure washing equipment, or manual application