AmproMed For calves and chickens 3.8L
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Effective disrupts the coccidia life cycle. Versatile approved for both the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis in beef and dairy calves.
Short withdrawal only 24 hours after the last administration.

One gallon of concentrate treats 1,600 gallons of drinking water based on a 21-day prevention regimen. Convenient treat the entire herd through the drinking water. Easy to mix concentrated solution disperses readily into the drinking water. Safe approved by FDA.

Active ingredients:
Each mL contains 96 mg of amprolium. / Un mL renferme 96 mg d’amprolium.

Calves: As an aid in the treatment of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and E. zuernii in calves.

Chickens: As an aid in the treatment of caecal coccidiosis in growing chickens and laying birds.

Calves: 0.012% amprolium in drinking water for 5 days. At the usual rate of water consumption, this will provide a daily intake of approximately 10 mg of amprolium per kg of body weight. Give as the sole source of water during the treatment period.

Chickens: As soon as caecal coccidiosis is diagnosed, give 0.024% amprolium in the drinking water for 5 to 7 days. Continue treatment with 0.006% amprolium medicated water for an additional one to two weeks. No other source of drinking water should be available to the birds during this time. Use as the sole source of amprolium.

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