Neogen Viroxide Super 10 Kg Tub
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Strict biosecurity practices including good hygiene are essential to provide the highest level of protection against infectious livestock diseases on farm and in veterinary and zoological settings. Neogen Viroxide Super, a peroxygen powder disinfectant, offers rapid broad spectrum disinfection and speed of kill as part of terminal disinfection, continual disinfection and Emergency Disease Control programmes.

  • Proven effective against African Swine Fever
  • Peroxygen formulation for enhanced broad spectrum disinfection
  • Non-resistant oxidative chemistry for speed of kill
  • Suitable for livestock housing, equipment, aerial fogging, misting and boot dip applications
  • High foaming detergents and pre-cleaners for animal housing and hatcheries.
  • Broad spectrum disinfectants for infectious disease control.
  • Teat products to protect dairy cows against on- farm udder infections and hoofcare products for safe cleaning and disinfection of hooves.

Item #835525