HK Calf Resuscitator
HK Calf Resuscitator HK Calf Resuscitator HK Calf Resuscitator
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The HK Rheintechnik calf resuscitator looks like a large air pump.

The suction cup is placed over the calf’s nose and mouth.

  1. Mucus is removed from the respiratory tract in one powerful stroke.
  2. The mucus is expelled from the pump, then air is pumped into the airways. The lung’s lobes and alveolar can unfold.

This process can be repeated several times until the calf starts breathing by itself.


Especially sturdy: The metal cylinder is shock-resistant, the hard plastic suction cup with rubber lip is also practically indestructible. This makes the Dr Bron calf resuscitator perfect for quick use in emergency situations.

  • Easy handling
  • Can also be used by a single person

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