CORRAL Super NA 10,000 duo fence charger (12v/110v)
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Extremely powerful DUAL Fence Energizer for the toughest jobs, for long fences or fences with heavy vegetative growth.

  • for very robust animals such as bulls, sheep and for deterring wild animals
  • with 12V deep discharge protection
  • two digital permanently illuminated displays for fence voltage and operating voltage (+ red warning lamp to indicate an inadequate charge status of the battery)
  • multi-colour LED bar graph display for fence voltage monitoring
  • can be operated via a 110V mains adapter (included)
  • microprocessor controlled
  • high safety corresponding to the latest safety standards
  • high/low mode – so that it can also be switched ON/OFF

12V II 10,0 JOULE  11,000 VOLT
  7,000 VOLT
320 KM
12V I 2,20 JOULE 8,900 VOLT
6,300 VOLT 78 KM
Item #080414