Tru-Test Farm Getaway Fence Monitoring System
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Solar-powered nodes, placed at a maximum 1,640ft increments along the fence line, continuously measure voltage and report it to the Farm Gateway. The Farm Gateway is placed outside near a house or shed and communicates to the Datamars Livestock: Farm Management app.

After installation, the producer can set up alerts when voltage drops below a minimum level. When this occurs, the node communicates a general location of the potential problem.

Connects you any time; anywhere.

Instant notifications if an issue occurs, while understanding fence performance trends over time.

Reduces time locating issues and fixing faults.

  • Collates information from Nodes (Nodes Available here)
  • WiFi/Ethernet Connection
  • Bluetooth® low energy setup
  • 12-hour Internal battery back-up
  • Up to 1,640ft of radio frequency communication distance to Nodes
  • LEDs to indicate operation
  • Easy mount to barn or house wall
  • Weatherproof
  • 100-240 V power adapter for continuous operation

Item #054151